The Open Range Cowboy Church

We Practice

  • Simplicity– The church will strive to keep all things it does as simple as possible.

  • Non-judgmental Approach– This is a church of second chances that does not beat people down for what they have done, or what they are, but provides hope and forgiveness, accepting people just as they are, in their sin, just as Jesus did.

  • Cultural Relevance/Western Heritage– The church will gear all it does (including all of its programming and ministries) to bring those who love the western culture to Christ.

  • Practice Of Biblical Christianity– The church will practice biblical Christianity and narrow the gap between knowing the Bible and doing what the Bible says.

  • Elimination Of Barriers To The Cowboy Culture– The church will do all it can to lower or eliminate barriers preventing the Gospel of Jesus Christ from reaching those who enjoy the western culture.

  • Empowerment With Accountability– The church will strive to empower people to serve Christ through the church and to bring out the giftedness in them while holding them accountable for their actions and commitments.

  • Power Of The Gospel - The church believes in the power of the gospel for salvation of souls and healing of body, mind, and spirit.

  • The Offering  – We pass the hat because we consider giving as a important part of worship.