The Open Range Cowboy Church

Get Involved!

Lead Rider Opportunities

We would love to have you be involved in one of the areas below!

Collaborate with other leaders to:

  • Develop and enhance ministry programs;
  • Coordinate activities and events;
  • Recruit, train, organize and shepherd team members/volunteers;

Preferred qualifications include that you are a born again believer, will become a member of the church, have a maturing relationship with Christ, and will attend regular meetings with leadership.

Associate Pastor

Extension of the Pastor - resource ministry teams, liason between teams and pastor, participate in worship service (announcements, prayer requests, administer ordinances, assist in baptisms and dedications, preach), lead bible studies, minister to the needs of the member’s (visitation), and lead programs depending on their gifts, talents and spiritual maturity.

Music Team

Acoustic Guitar


Worship Singers and Instrumentalists

Children's and Youth Director

Children’s (Pre-School – 6 grade) and Youth Program (grades 7-12).
Introduce young people to Christ, to spiritual growth and develop appropriate music, bible study, teaching curriculum, prayer, and small group activities that follow the Trail to Discipleship process for children & youth. The curriculum is easy to follow and includes all materials for an engaging and meaningful experience.

We are also looking for a substitute teacher to help fill in when needed.

Event Ministry Leader

To plan arena events and interest group activities working with ministry team leaders to effectively reach those with an interest in activities for Christ and provide the hub for family life in the church. Oversight, care, and maintenance of activity center use in the future.

Wait: There's more opportunities if you have a heart to serve in your church home!

 - Greeters (Men and Women) - Contact office at 763-434-5596

 - Recycling Project - Contact office at 763-434-5596

 - Worship Team - Instrumental/Voice - Contact office at 763-434-5596

 - Housekeep Assistant - Contact office at 763-434-5596

 - Lead Building Maintenance - Contact Pastor Joe

 - Lead Media/Sound - Contact office at 763-434-5596

 - Lead Teacher or Teaching Assistant for Kid's Buckaroos (Ages 6-12) - Contact Linda Penrose