The Open Range Cowboy Church

Our Cowboy Core Values

  • Courage

    Acknowledging Fear And Confronting It Head-On
    Accepting Risk, Change And Failure As Part Of Life
    Persevering Despite The Odds
    Standing Up For What We Believe
    Enduring Hardship And Adversity Without Complaint
    Being Willing To Make The Tough Choices

  • Optimism

    Faith In The Rightness Of The Natural Order Of Things
    Confidence In Our Own Abilities
    Acceptance Of The Blend Of Good And Bad; In The World And In Ourselves
    Gratitude For The Blessings That Come Our Way

  • Self-Reliance

    Taking Responsibility For Our Own Well-Being
    Confidence In Our Ability To Learn
    Making Do With What We Have
    Doing Our Best And Learning From Mistakes
    Valuing Competence Over Convenience
    Putting In The Time And Effort It Takes To Master A Skill
    Finding Satisfaction In Every Accomplishment

  • Authenticity

    Understanding One's Self As A Whole Person
    Satisfaction In Being Who We Are
    Actions Guided By A Coherent Set Of Core Beliefs
    Recognizing Our Own Strengths And Weaknesses
    Saying What We Mean

  • Honor

    Being Worthy Of Trust
    Someone Who Can Be Counted On
    Telling The Truth
    Keeping Our Word
    Acting With Integrity; No Matter The Cost
    Knowing That Just Because It's Legal Doesn't Mean It's Right

  • Duty

    Actions, Not Words
    Responsibility To Something Larger Than One's Self
    A Willingness To Sacrifice Self-Interest
    Doing What Has To Be Done
    Respecting Core Values As Absolutes
    Answering The Call When It Comes

  • Heart

    Seeing The Good In People
    Seeing The Beauty In Life
    Finding Rewards In Giving
    Recognizing Our Shared Humanity
    Feeling At One With Nature
    Kindness To All Living Creatures; Including Ourselves